An extension of the Musholm sports and holiday resort for people with disabilities is said to have made it one of the most accessible in the world. It has a new multi-purpose hall and 24 new holiday homes. Access routes, wayfinding, lighting and facilities have all been designed with accessibility in mind.

Project architects AART says much of its design was based on discussions with existing and future users of Musholm, which is located in Korsør, Denmark. It also says that it designed the accessibility features not necessarily as standalone elements, but as integrated elements that can inspire and challenge users.

An example of this approach is the 100-m (328-ft) spiralling ramp that is wrapped around the outside of the circular sports hall. This provides access to the building and ultimately leads all the way up to a sky lounge that offers panoramic views of the nearby sea and the surrounding area. In addition, though, it can be used a training tool and a means of challenging visitors.

The ramp has spaces for users to stop and rest, while a staircase and elevator provide alternative means of moving around the building. The staircase also doubles as a training facility.

Intelligently designed wayfinding is employed to help people navigate the resort. There is a large map at the main entrance to the resort with tactile explanations and several other such maps dotted around the resort. Users can scan the maps to receive a digital version on their smartphone.

Lighting is also used to provide direction around Musholm and is placed close at hand so as to help direct visually impaired visitors. In spaces used for meeting and conversations, the lighting is brighter to assist those who need to lip-read.

The sports hall is located at the center of the resort and is surrounded by the holiday homes. Among its features is a climbing wall with an integrated pulley that can assist those with disabilities.

The homes all have motorized lifts for accessibility, which can remain hidden if not needed. They also feature automatic doors, curtains and windows, while all beds can be raised to support occupants for reading and TV viewing.

All toilets around the resort have pictograms on the door to indicate the toilet type and its suitability for different access requirements and conditions. Some are also fitted with elevating sinks, toilets and ceiling lifts.

The newly-expanded Musholm opened on Oct. 1.

Sources: AART, Musholm

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