Hasbro is looking to tap into the 3D craze by integrating a classic approach to 3D viewing with iOS devices. Looking like a 21st Century View-Master, the MY3D 360° Viewer attaches to iPhone and iPod Touch and delivers a 3D experience using dedicated apps. There are initially seven apps available or download including an underwater shark adventure, a 360° virtual tour of Los Angeles and a MY3D showcase which is designed as a vehicle for 3D movie trailers, video game demos and slide shows.

3D 360° viewing

One of the cool features of MY3D is its immersive 3D 360° viewing. Taking advantage of the accelerometer inside iPhone and iPod Touch, the 3D viewer senses the direction that the user is actually looking. In MY3D 360° SHARKS for example, the user sees the floor of the shark cage while looking down, looks up to see the sun shining through the ocean and look behind - shark! In the interactive tour of Los Angeles this feature is used to take users on a virtual tour of the Santa Monica pier.

MY3D PRESENTS is a "showcase" app which will feature regularly updated 3D movies trailers, video demos of MY3D apps and slide shows. Hasbro is working with the likes of DreamWorks Animation, Sony, Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros for custom content and theatrical trailers.

MY3D games

MY3D games on offer include the MY3D SECTOR 17 and MY3D SHATTERSTORM shooter games, the MY3D TUNNEL PILOT racing game and MY3D BUBBLE BOLT - a puzzle game where the goal is to navigate obstacles by tilting and turning the viewer.

Available from June, 2011 in either black or white, the MY3D retails for US$34.99. Apps are currently free as an introductory offer.

There are a couple of caveats with the MY3D viewer in that not all apps are available with 360° viewing and users will need to check the apps for compatibility with their version of iPhone or iPod Touch (compatibility is cited for iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4, as well as second, third and fourth generation iPod Touch).

See Hasbro's MY3D site for more information.

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