Password manager programs allow users to store all their personal login information behind one master password. Now, a product called myIDkey is looking to make that process portable. It's a fingerprint-encrypted, voice-searchable thumb drive that stores all of a user's passwords and private data.

The really interesting part of myIDkey comes from the voice search. With this, a user swipes their finger over the biometric fingerprint scanner, presses the voice button, and says the password they want. From there, it is displayed on the OLED screen. This means it can be used not only for storing passwords on websites, but also for bank account numbers, home security PINs, and other such functions.

This device also works like a traditional password manager when plugged into a PC or Mac. It will automatically fill in forms when logged in, so it will save some time.

The first thing I thought of when I saw this device was: what happens if I lose it? It has a self-destruct option, so if a user fails to gain access on too many attempts, all the data is deleted. To go along with this, everything is also stored securely in the cloud, so while the data is removed from the lost device, it is still accessible to the owner of the myIDkey.

If scanning a fingerprint is not enough security, it also comes with a tap sequence function. With this, a user will have to tap a button a correct amount of times in a certain sequence to get access to the contents of the drive. This is optional, so users not wishing to take the extra steps can forgo this completely.

myIDkey can also be used with a smartphone via a Bluetooth connection. That means all the password and IDs stored can be used in the same way they would when connected to a computer through USB.

The device also includes 16GB of storage, so it also functions like a standard flash drive. Of course, files are also encrypted behind the fingerprint scanner, so they are protected from unauthorized access.

myIDkey already had a successful Kickstarter campaign, surpassing its funding goal by 300 percent. Now, the creators are opening up pre-orders for the general public with a US$169 price tag. The device will begin shipping in September of this year.

The video below provides more information on myIDkey directly from the creators.

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