We first came across Neato Robotics' XV-11 robot vacuum cleaner at CES 2010, and the company has been rolling out additions to its lineup ever since, introducing the "pet-strength" XV-21 in 2012, its Signature Series in 2013 and the Botvac line in 2014. Neato is showing the latest dust-sucker to join its Botvac team at IFA in Berlin. The Botvac Connected, as the name suggests, packs Wi-Fi connectivity for control from a user's smartphone.

Sporting Neato's familiar low-profile, D-shape form factor that is designed for getting into corners, along baseboards, and scooting under low ledges and furniture, the Botvac Connected can be paired with a home Wi-Fi network to allow control from anywhere there's an internet connection.

Using the Neato app available for iOS and Android devices, users can start, stop, schedule or monitor a vacuuming run so the floors are spic and span when they get home. Like previous models, the Botvac will laser scan a room and autonomously map out a back-and-forth cleaning pattern if left to its own devices, with the ability to avoid objects in real time and operate in the dark. However, the app also allows users to remotely take the reins and direct the Botvac to where desired.

Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the Botvac Connected boasts two cleaning modes. Eco Mode will provide a quieter clean lasting up to 120 minutes, while Turbo Mode will up the suction but reduce run times to up to 90 minutes. Neato says the Botvac also features a new filter that captures twice as many small particles of up to 0.3 microns than competitor units and will clean both hard and carpeted floors.

The Botvac Connected will be available from Q4 2015 for US$699.

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