Italy's Nerea Yacht has announced its presence with the debut of the NY24 day cruiser, and from the looks of things, the nautical world should be quite excited to have it. A surge of energy powering forward from the surface of the water, the NY24 marries fast, sporty looks with a luxuriously appointed cockpit and cabin. Enjoy a relaxing day on the water and spend the night, should the mood suit you.

Auto designers around the world strive to create a sense of motion while their vehicles are standing still, particularly among sports coupes and sedans. With help from designers Alessio Battistini and Davide Bernardini of IdeaeItalia, newcomer Nerea Yacht manages to bring that very same feeling to the sea, creating a vessel that looks like it's rushing forward, even when it's bobbing up and down at standstill.

The 24-foot (7.4-m) NY24 isn't actually a speedboat, but it looks quite fast thanks to the mass lunging forth from the compact, tapered stern. The arcing profile and low glasshouse add to the sensation of a hull hurriedly leaping up and forward.

On board, the NY24 features a sleek, modern design behind its tinted windscreen. The aisle between the pedestal seats at the helm leads to the split-sliding doors of the cabin. As passengers take the step below deck, they're immediately welcomed with the warm embrace of an oversized U-shaped sofa. The audio/video system includes a large TV front and center, and an enclosed toilet compartment completes the cabin space.

While you could certainly nibble on some popcorn while enjoying a movie, heartier dining takes place al fresco, on the dining table behind the cockpit. The deck can be outfitted with a concealed sink, stove and pair of refrigerator drawers for refreshments and entertaining. When the meal is over, the table lowers down to increase sunbathing space.

Nerea finishes various parts of the NY24 with Oltremateria, a water-based, epoxy-free surfacing material designed to be recyclable and more environmentally friendly overall. It has a look similar to concrete or ceramic but is actually flexible and elastic.

The NY24's 296-hp Volvo Penta engine powers it to speeds up to 32 knots (59 km/h, 37 mph). Cruising speed is 26 knots (48 km/h, 30 mph).

Nerea debuted the NY24 at last month's Boot Düsseldorf, whetting appetites and tickling imaginations as to what other sea-bound creations it will have in store down the line.

Source: Nerea Yacht

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