There's no doubt that UV-monitoring wristbands like the UVeBand and UVA+B Sunfriend are a good idea for those spending some time in the sun. But most favor function over fashion, which is why Netatmo, a company known for its range of weather stations, has launched JUNE, a UV-tracking bracelet and accompanying app aimed at helping users to better manage their sun exposure and look fashionable doing it.

Aimed at women, JUNE comprises a "jewel" containing UV sensors that can be worn as a bracelet or a brooch. It connects wirelessly with the user's smartphone with the companion app monitoring the user’s habits and UV exposure to provide tailored sun-care information and notifications of when to apply sunblock, wear a hat or put on sunglasses.

Netatmo claims that JUNE is the first product of its type to be created as a fashion item and was designed by a jewelry designer, “with years of experience working for large fashion brands.” The jewel is made of alloy metal, is finished in gold, platinum or gunmetal colors and is provided with both leather and silicone straps. Indeed, it’s by no means a bad looking accessory.

As well as monitoring UV intensity in real-time, the device tracks total skin exposure to the sun throughout the day via an accompanying app and, depending on the user’s skin type, calculates the suggested maximum daily exposure. The JUNE app also provides a summary of time spent in the sun, allowing users to see at what points during the day UV ray impact on the skin was most intense.

Netatmo launched the JUNE at CES, where it has won awards in the “Wearable Technologies” and “Tech for a Better World” categories. It will be available from the second quarter of 2014 retailing at US$99.

The JUNE is demonstrated in the following promotional video.

Source: Netatmo

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