It's a name you might usually associate with routers and modems, but lately Netgear has made a big push into the realm of home security. It's latest offering in the area is a wireless HD camera called the Arlo Pro, which is built to withstand the elements and packs motion sensing and two-way audio so you can scare off intruders when you're out and about.

Like Netgear's line of Arlo security cameras released in 2014, the Arlo Pro is wire-free, weatherproof and shoots HD video. Rather than the swappable batteries that powered the standard model, the Arlo Pro runs on a 2,440 mAh rechargeables. The company describes these only as long-lasting, claiming that the actual life will depend on settings, usage and temperature.

The camera uses a 130-degree viewing angle and passive infrared motion sensor to detect movement up to 23 feet away (7 m). In the event of an intrusion, it will ping your phone via the Arlo app so you can tune in and watch the feed. And because the Pro also features a built-in microphone and speaker, you can unleash an appropriately worded warning through your phone. Failing that, the Arlo Pro also features a 100 decibel siren that can be triggered remotely through the app, or configured to let rip automatically if motion or audio is detected.

Netgear says that improvements are coming later in the year via a software update that will fine-tune the camera's motion recognition. Using machine learning, the system will get better at distinguishing actual intruders from more benign activity like cars, pets and trees swaying in the breeze, not unlike competitor Nest's recently updated security cams.

The Arlo Pro is available now with prices starting at US$249 for single camera setup, which includes seven days of free cloud recording. If you want to keep more than week's worth of footage on hand you can fork out $10 a month for 30 days worth, or $15 a month for 60 days.

Source: Arlo

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