New Panaboard continues the evolution of the Electronic WhiteBoard

New Panaboard continues the evolution of the Electronic WhiteBoard
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July 14, 2009 The concept of the whiteboard seems distinctly old school and analog, but effective collaboration practices never die as the evolution of the electronic whiteboard at Panasonic continues to bear testimony. The new Panaboard UB-5838C Widescreen and the UB-5338C whiteboards incorporate a color scanning feature, so users can accurately print the outcomes of brainstorms, complex diagrams or ideas, in full color.

A Panaboard is a powerful and convenient business tool that replaces paper flip charts or conventional whiteboards, to allow groups to collaborate and share ideas without participants needing to copy notes during or after the meeting. The information is simply scanned and saved as an electronic file that can be emailed or printed as a convenient record of important, content-rich discussions. The Panaboard not only saves time and frees groups to focus and contribute to the discussion, but it also ensures the ideas are accurately recorded for future review.

The key advantage of the new Panaboards is the incorporation of a color scanner – allowing users to accurately record information where color is important for understanding; such as graphs, color-coded information, artwork, design proposals or annotated content. This functionality allows greater flexibility and clear communication as images can be scanned together with written notes, in full color.

The data on the board can be scanned in as little as 20 seconds to a PDF, TIFF or JPEG file and can be easily transferred to an SD card or USB flash memory device for paper-less convenience. The information is then highly portable and easy to distribute by email.

A scan can also be saved straight to a computer desktop, simply by connecting the Panaboard directly to a PC via a USB cable.

The new boards also feature a convenient 1.8-inch colour LCD, enabling users to check scanned data immediately, before saving or printing. The new UB-5838C and UB-5338C Panaboards offer direct connectivity to a host of printers, without having to connect a PC, allowing for printed hard copy handouts on the spot.

View gallery - 5 images
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