The Geneva International Motor Show is traditionally the coming out party for the best that European car makers have to offer, and that extends down to smaller, specialty makers such as Spania, which will be be rolling out a new model of its GTA Spano supercar at this year's show.

Within the world of supercars, there is an area of ownership that is slightly more rarefied. This is the world of boutique supercars.

The current iteration of the V10-powered GTA Spano made its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 2013 and we encountered it at Goodwood later that year with its eye-catching design and an exhaust note that belies a rather alluring level of potency.

The 2014 GTA Spano

The car is built in collaboration with another Spanish company called Graphenano. As the name implies, Graphenano is an R & D leader in graphene production and the GTA Spano is the world's first sportscar to take advantage of the exotic material, with chassis and bodywork composed of carbon fiber, titanium, Kevlar and graphene.

According to Spano, the new model makes use of the same innovative materials and "offers several changes in comparison with its predecessor." Details are not yet forthcoming on the exact nature of these changes, but the performance figures released to date look impressive to say the least. The central engine bay of the GTA Spano houses a 7.99 liter V10 twin turbo that cranks out 925 horsepower and 1220 Nm torque, propelling the car to 100 km/h (62 mph) from a standing start in 2.9 seconds with a top speed of over 370 km/h (230 mph).

As one would expect, Spania is not going to be cranking these things out like Model Ts. There will only be 99 running around by the time production ends, so the GTA Spano will be much rarer than something as plebian as a Bugatti Veyron.

Gizmag's CC Weiss will be on the ground in Geneva to bring you further details as they emerge. Stay tuned.

Source: Spano

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