Chinese gear-maker Nitecore has added to its lengthy line of small everyday carry offerings with a very compact titanium knife that weighs less than a credit card. Described by the company as "ultra-tiny," the folding NTK05 knife is keychain-ready, and features a commonly-used scalpel blade for easy replacement when wear and tear takes hold.

Crafted from TC4 titanium alloy, the NTK05 is promised to offer durability, strength and, of course, supreme sharpness by way of its no. 11 scalpel blade. These types of blades are often used by surgeons making incisions in human tissue, so it should be plenty sharp enough for a range of everyday slicing and dicing tasks.

And because they are common and the blade of the NTK05 is designed to be replaceable via a single-screw release, users shouldn't have too much trouble slotting in a new one when the edge becomes dull.

Unfurled by a single hinge mechanism in its center, the NTK05 knife measures 2.17 in (55 mm) when folded up and 3.82 in (97 mm) when fully unfurled, at which point a concealed lock keeps the blade nice and secure when in use.

Tipping the scales at just 0.169 oz (4.8 g), the NTK05 will undercut most common credit cards in weight, and features a keychain and lanyard loop at the top of the handle for easy everyday carry.

The NTK05 is available for order now through Nightcore's Singapore service center for SGD$59 (about US$43).

Source: Nightcore

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