A one-shot digital camera app, which only lets you take one photo before self-destructing (or at least before becoming defunct), has been launched in a bid to make photographers question the images they take and stop being so shutter-happy. The One Memento iOS app has been created to capture 250,000 single moments, with each user only able to use it to take and submit one photo.

On the surface One Memento works in the same way as many other camera/photo-sharing apps, with users being given the option to take a photo or upload an image from their gallery, before cropping it and applying an artistic filter before uploading it.

But what makes this a part-camera app and part-digital photography experiment, is that once a single image has been uploaded, that's it, you're done. While people who mess up their one shot are given a two-hour window to re-take it, images then can’t be altered or deleted, and will displayed in a permanent online gallery.

Robot Corp, the firm behind the app, says this forces users to think before they shoot and is a nod back to when taking a photo meant capturing and creating a lasting memory ... and because identification is done through Facebook or Twitter, there's no simply reinstalling the app for a second go.

After the app has been used to submit an image, it can no longer be used with a camera, but instead allows access to the gallery of what is hoped will become 250,000 precious moments – each of which are assigned a Memento number at the time of submission. Users can then browse the gallery or see the images their friends have chosen to submit.

One Memento is available for free from the iTunes App Store and is compatible with iPhones from the 3GS and up, iPod touch (5th generation), iPad (3rd generation) and requires iOS 5.1 or later.

Source: One Memento

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