One problem with the number of living room gadgets available now is the number of remote controls that we need to use them. A new device from eyeSight seeks to remedy this issue by turning the user into a universal controller. Onecue allows users to control a host of devices via hand gestures.

"Every device in our homes, from the TV to the cable box to the thermostat, has its own control system and remotes, cables or apps for operation, resulting in lots of clutter and fragmentation," says CEO of eyeSight Gideon Shmuel. "To solve this problem, we developed Onecue, a control center to bring together all of these devices through a natural, easy-to-use interface that leverages our years of experience in gesture recognition technology to let you experience your home through your fingertips."

Onecue is primarily designed to control audiovisual equipment, such as TVs, set-top boxes, games consoles and media players. It also works with home automation devices, though, like Nest and Philips Hue. Onecue can be mounted on a flat-screen TV or can be placed freestanding on a cabinet or shelf.

Users can switch on gadgets of their choosing that are connected to Onecue, simply by waving at it. From there, certain gestures can be used to control only certain devices, with a variety of gestures being used for different actions. If a user holds a finger to their lips then sound is muted on an audio device, for example, while holding up a hand, closing and reopening it allows users to select items on-screen.

Onecue works with both infra-red (IR) and Wi-Fi connected devices, connecting to the former via IR and the latter via a common Wi-Fi network. This means it works with old TVs or more modern internet-connected technology. Although it needs to have line-of-site to IR devices, repeaters can be used to control devices that are hidden away or in other rooms. The device can be set up using iOS and Android mobile apps.

Onecue is available to pre-order now at the introductory price of US$129. It is expected to begin shipping in early 2015.

The video below provides an introduction to Onecue.

Source: Onecue

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