Otterbox's rugged new Venture can hold ice for two weeks

Otterbox's rugged new Venture ...
The modular Venture cooler isn't cheap, but it is capable
The modular Venture cooler isn't cheap, but it is capable
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The modular Venture cooler isn't cheap, but it is capable
The modular Venture cooler isn't cheap, but it is capable

Otterbox has found an audience with its rugged phone cases, but it wants to do more than protect the hunk of metal and glass in your back pocket. The Venture takes the same approach the company has applied to its smartphone cases, and puts it to good use in a rugged cooler for outdoor adventurers.

At the core of any good cooler is the ability to, you know, keep stuff cool, and the Venture is set to deliver on that promise on even the longest outdoor expeditions. Otterbox says it can hold ice for up to two weeks, putting it in the same league as other "premium" portable coolers, like the Yeti.

As you'd expect, Otterbox says it has drop-tested the Venture on every side and edge, both empty and full, and the design has been given the tick of approval by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee as bear resistant when using the OtterBox Locking Kit that is available separately.

Through a modular design Otterbox has also integrated a number of extra capabilities into the Venture. The edges of the cooler serve as a mounting system for a range of accessories, from a cutting board to an aircraft-style table and cup holders. The interior can also be broken up using proprietary dividers, which could come in handy if you're using it to store fishing bait alongside, say, your lunch.

Beyond these add-ons, it seems like the Venture gets the basics right as well. The lid opens and shuts with chunky latches that can be operated with one hand and hang out of the way when the lid is open, while a set of anti-slip rubber feet should prevent any runaway coolers. The handles can be used as tie-down anchors, and the floor of the interior is slanted to make it easier to drain when your ice (finally) melts or it comes time to hose the cooler down.

The Venture will be available in three different sizes, staring with the Venture 25 which holds 25 quarts (23.7 l) for US$249.99, jumping to the the Venture 45 with 45-quart (42.6-l) capacity and $349.99 price tag, to the range-topping Venture 65 with – you guessed it –65-quart (61.5-l) capacity that costs $399.99. All models are available in three different color schemes.

You can check the Venture out in the video below.

Source: Otterbox

Venture Coolers

Hmm... Priced more like the Pelican coolers (my overall favorite). I like the accessory add-on options.
It appears some Otterbox products are made in the US (can't tell where the coolers are made), but all Pelican coolers and Orion coolers are US made. Yetis are made in China, Philippines, and the US depending on which product.
It would be nice to know what that accessory hanging on the back of the cooler is.
@minivini, these coolers are made in Detroit, MI, USA.
@CraigAllenCorson, the accessory is a dry box for your cell phone, or anything small you want to keep dry and dirt-free.