Outdoor Technology has been growing its line of wireless audio products quite steadily. After a successful Kickstarter campaign last year, it launched its funky Turtle Shell speaker. It showed off several new wireless audio products at CE Week last month and is preparing to launch the Armadillo speaker, which doubles the size and intensity of the Turtle.

Outdoor Technology says that the Armadillo, which it first showed at CES in January, packs the same rugged, outdoor-ready design as the Turtle Shell into a package that's twice the size. The Armadillo can also be daisy chained from a single audio input with a second Armadillo to boost sound.

The Armadillo has Apple Airplay capabilities, giving iOS users a quick, seamless route to enjoy wireless audio. Other users can create a wireless connection with Bluetooth. Since it's aimed at heavy outdoor use, the Armadillo is waterproof and shockproof and includes an integrated carry handle for easy transport.

Outdoor Technology plans to get the Armadillo to market in the fall (northern hemisphere) for US$229.95.

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