November 27, 2007 Much attention is placed on ergonomic keyboard and chair design these days, but the key fact that typing while looking at sheets of paper usually involves twisting your neck in ways that would require years of Yoga to master is often overlooked. The Page’ Up document holder offer an effective and unobtrusive solution – and they’re currently adorning the desks of 15 million users in 42 countries.

Capable of displaying all paper formats up to A3 in seconds without damaging the document, the French made Page’ Up is available in two sizes and a large variety of colors and themes, including sixties, sandy, and line of “time” models which include clocks.

Not only does the Page’ Up appeal to those who want to keep a clean desk, it also has a Smart’in model with a design that maximizes surface area allowing companies to include their logo - a useful tool for canny advertisers.

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