Imagine if you were having a real-time conversation with someone at another location, and wanted them to see what you were seeing, from the perspective you were seeing it. Well, you soon may be able to do just that, once the PairASight project is up and running.

PairASight utilizes a tiny 1080p HD video camera and a two-way audio communications system, integrated into headgear such as glasses. Video and audio content is wirelessly streamed from that system to the user’s smartphone, from which it can then be transmitted anyplace in the world via the internet.

Users could confer with other people on what they were looking at, without having to hold their laptop, tablet or phone up to it like a camcorder. This would keep their hands free, and avoid any confusion arising from seeing the same subject from different points of view.

The technology is still in the prototype stage, although the designers hope that it could ultimately have applications in fields such as automotive repair, healthcare and retail. It will be interesting to see how the system stacks up against its obvious competitor, Google Glass.

Source: PairASight

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