This elevated take on a cabin in the woods was influenced by such disparate sources as children's book regulars the Moomins, A-frame lodges, and electricity towers. Located in a forest in Norway, it's currently available for rent.

The Pan Treetop Cabins project was conceived in 2016 by Kristian Rostad and Christine Mowinckel, who commissioned architect Espen Surnevik, and was completed in late 2018. It consists of two identical cabins raised 8 m (26 ft) above the ground, plus a storage shed with a similar aesthetic on terra firma. They're located on a rural farm in eastern Norway, near the Swedish border.

"The vision of the architect was to create something that would easily settle into the landscape without making a big change in the surrounding nature," says a press release. "The forest itself has been the biggest source of inspiration, but also the North American A-lodges, modern power line constructions, and the houses of the Moomin characters have all been central in the creative process leading up to the design of the Pan Treetop cabins."

The cabins are finished in matte black steel and have been carefully situated to maximize natural light inside. They are accessed by an enclosed spiral staircase and a small footbridge and have a total floorspace of 40 sq m (430 sq ft) each. The interiors are finished in spruce and pine, with a seating area, fold-down dining table, kitchenette and bathroom.

Each cabin sleeps six and includes one double bed and four singles. They both have water and electricity connections and the chill is kept at bay with both a wood-burning stove and underfloor heating.

For those who'd like to spend some time in one of the Pan Treetop Cabins, they are available to rent from 4,900 NOK (roughly US$575), per night.

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