Though 8K video recording for digital cameras is already on the horizon, 4K is pretty much where it's at for current models. But Panasonic is about to offer something inbetween. Currently in development and aimed squarely at movie makers who want more, the Lumix S1H full-frame mirrorless camera is capable of recording 6K video.

Panasonic has some form for world firsts in the mirrorless camera movie recording space. The Lumix GH1 from 2009 was the first to feature Full-HD AVCHD video recording, 2014's GH4 was the first mirrorless to manage 4K, and the GH5 in 2017 unleashed 4K/60p, 4:2:2 10-bit 4K/30p recording.

And so to another world's first for the upcoming Lumix S1H, which is currently at the prototype stage of development. It's capable of 6K movies recording at a cinematic 24 frames per second in 3:2 aspect, though movie-makers looking for a faster frame rate and a 16:9 aspect will need to sacrifice a few pixels and opt for 5.9K resolution at 30 fps. Panasonic says that the new model will be the first " full-frame digital interchangeable lens system camera" to enable 10-bit 4K/C4K at 60 fps recording too.

The S1H will also support multi-aspect recording, including anamorphic 4:3, and offers non-stop recording (until the battery needs a top-up or the media card fills up at least). The V-Log/V-Gamut color space allows for 14 or more stops of dynamic range, which Panasonic says will almost match the capabilities of its pro-level Cinema VariCams.

And that's pretty much all the information available at the moment. Doubtless more will trickle through closer to launch time, which has been penciled in for North American Fall.

Source: Panasonic

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