Portuguese architectural studios Andreia Garcia Architectural Affairs and Diogo Aguiar Studio have recently joined forces to create a clever space-saving guest house. Dubbed Pavilion House, the timber-clad home is built above a pre-existing wine cellar, located amid a stunning vineyard in Guimarães, Portugal.

"Placed on top of a pre-existing granite wine cellar, Pavilion House takes advantage of its programmatic (in)definition to work on an open and abstract space, simultaneously interior and exterior, which benefits from its proximity to a diverse nature," says Diogo Aguiar Studio.

Separated from the main house by the surrounding vineyard and forest landscape, Pavilion House was created as an idyllic guest home. Capitalizing on the surrounds, the architects chose to build a home that was private, practical and enjoyed views of the natural landscape. The home was also conceived to easily transform into a function venue for entertaining, larger dinner parties or events.

The design of the 75-sq m (807-sq ft) dwelling maximizes the open interior space, by hiding many of the home's functions and storage within the walls. Designed as a single-room house, the clever interior design of the home allows for a natural fluidity as the space transforms throughout the day. Going from bedroom, to lounge room, to dining and entertaining, and back to bedroom again, the home is a moving architectural masterpiece.

"Configuring itself as a small habitable space on the mountain, Pavilion House seeks to maximize its versatility and spatial simultaneity," says says Diogo Aguiar Studio. "A four-volume wall-set defines the living space and determines the views on the surrounding landscape, while concealing the basilar 'program' – sleeping, staying, eating and bathing – allowing this to be partially activated, depending on the user wishes."

The Pavilion House features timber cladding inside and out, large floor-to-ceiling glass windows, dark roofing and concrete flooring. The interior design is almost a reflection of the home's exterior, with the timber panels providing the perfect solution to hide many of the home's features and functions.

Built-in timber doors, panels and sliding walls hide the home's storage; compact wall-kitchen; bookshelf; entertainment unit; wine bar and bathroom entrance. Furthermore, the timber-framed double murphy bed, folds up into its bespoke cavity and vanishes into the walls of the home. The main bathroom is hidden behind the entrance walls of the home and features large shower with overhead skylight, basin, ample storage and toilet.

"The Wine Cellar House occupies a complementary space in the farm where it is inserted and, as such, was conceived as a place that takes its spatial concept to the limit," says Andreia Garcia Architectural Affairs. "An abstract and open-space that both receives a dinner, and quickly can become a domesticated space to accommodate visitors."

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