Pawz rubber footwear for your pooch

Pawz rubber footwear for your ...
Pawz boots are like Wellingtons for dogs
Pawz boots are like Wellingtons for dogs
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Pawz boots are like Wellingtons for dogs
Pawz boots are like Wellingtons for dogs
Pawz boots are like Wellingtons for dogs
Pawz boots are like Wellingtons for dogs
Pawz boots are like Wellingtons for dogs
Pawz boots are like Wellingtons for dogs
Pawz boots are like Wellingtons for dogs
Pawz boots are like Wellingtons for dogs
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Pawz, one of the latest fashion statements for dogs, are designed to give Fido some serious paw protection. More like a sock than a shoe, they are made from biodegradable natural rubber and fit securely without fasteners or straps. Available in a range of colors and sizes, they promise comfort and safety for a much loved pooch.

Pawz rubber boots are waterproof, washable and reusable, and are reportedly suitable for all types of terrain. A barrier against rough dirt, mud, ice and snow, they also protect against hazards such as chemicals and fire ants. Importantly, the boots do not have any padding inside, giving the dog a sense of security in being able to feel the ground beneath its feet. Made from flexible rubber, they are also said to allow dog paws a full range of motion, for maximum comfort.

Pawz boots are like Wellingtons for dogs
Pawz boots are like Wellingtons for dogs

Pawz are available in packs of 12, and each set of boots may be worn a number of times. A range of sizes cater for all breeds of dog, from green boots for Great Danes to bright yellow Wellingtons for Chihuahuas. They are priced from GBP 12.99 to 15.99 (US$20.81 to $25.62) at Anything Dogz.

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Oliver Kuster
AFAIK, the dogs paws sweat and it is not healthy to have them enclosed in a warmer environment...
Lee Storm
Got a few packs of the blue ones for my Dalmatian when he had trouble walking after an accident. A great product for the \"nail groomed dog\". But if your dog has unkempt or long claws, don\'t bother, as they will tear into these quickly.
Andrew Leech
Yeah my initial thought is this is going to seriously compromise a dog\'s natural cooling mechanisms, as their paws are a huge part of it - it could be quite dangerous to their health... although I can certainly understand they could be helpful to give grip after an accident, that\'s a different story altogether.
Bill Bennett
Micky my girlfriends miniature Australian Shepard would have that off his feet in about 3 seconds,,, new chew toy!!
Facebook User
please stop demoralizing fellow earhlings
Does this mean my dog\' Wellies will smell as funky as my own? :-]
A real waste of everyone\'s time and money. Looks like we have nothing better to do than worry about our dog\'s feet getting wet.
What utter BS.
Alan Belardinelli
Anyone who lives in urban snow country will understand why these are an excellent idea. Even if a dog\'s paws are hardened up to the snow and ice, if they walk in the city they will soon be limping along due to the salt that is spread everywhere.
Lisa Evans
These boots are not supposed to be worn by a dog all day. They are to protect the dog\'s paw for what could be a number of reasons, when out and about. Yes, of course if left on all day, a dog\'s paw will sweat.
Cesar Milan has recently endorsed Pawz boots on NBC\'s Today Show, when talking about \'tips for winter proofing your dog\'.
I have a maltese who is 15 1/2 years old, his quality of life was questionable when he could no longer walk on wood floors and tile, I would find him spread eagle unable to get himself back on his feet, my heart broke for my little guy, I tried the non slip socks-absolutly worthless, they would twist and turn, fall off, I tried puffy paint on infant socks, again would work for about 2 minutes, i made him a room with a rougher carpet but his life was confined to a 20 x 20 room. Then I found this miracle, they looks like little balloons, i thought for sure it would be nother disasterbut let me tell you Randi now has his little legs back, he struts around the house again like the cute little man he is, there is no room he cant go in, no floor he cant walk on. The first time I put them on was a bit of a struggle (he hates his feet being touched) but now, he sits on my lap and gives me no problems cause he knows he will be free. This has change our lives..for whatever time my little guy has left I will do whatever I can to make his life easier and this for me is a true miracle invention. Kudos to Pawz!!