With gas prices climbing and environmental concerns mounting, electric bicycles are becoming more popular than ever. Cycling purists might see them as a bit of an abomination, but look at it this way: they’re really just less-expensive electric scooters that give you the option of pedaling. Given that there are already a number of brands to choose from, what can a company do to separate their product from the pack? In the case of California-based Pedego, they make retro-funky beach cruisers in a rainbow of colors.

Pedego makes several models of e-bikes, including a classic cruiser, a cruiser with a step-through frame, and even a tandem. Their Balloon Series bikes includes balloon tires, padded stitched handgrips, and suspension saddles. They also make a non-retro folding bike.

All the models are equipped with a 500W brushless hub motor, powered via a handlebar throttle by a 36V lithium-ion battery. On flat terrain, they can travel at a maximum speed of 20mph, and cover 15 to 30 miles on battery power alone. The battery can be removed for easy recharging, and takes about four hours to reach full capacity.

A basic Pedego cruiser will set you back $US1,695, while one of the balloon-tired models goes for $1,875. They can be purchased directly from Pedego, or at various North American bike stores.

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