Ensuring the home computer is 100 percent safe for the youngest members of the family is a priority for most parents. But security software can be expensive and unfortunately is not always completely effective. A clever new product – the PeeWee Kit – not only makes any computer kid-safe, it won’t break your piggy bank either…

The PeeWee Kit is tailored to turn any computer into a kiddy-friendly PC for children. It includes a USB drive, seven different games and software titles and the PeeWee Security suite which offers online and offline security - all for under US$30.

A security suite is included with the kit. The “PeeWee Patrol” is designed for computer access controls and the “PeeWee Privacy” takes care of Internet privacy. Parents can control how and when their children use the laptop as well as limit Internet usage, block inappropriate websites, check browsing history or control the laptop remotely. Plus, children can be prevented from changing your laptop system settings and their gaming time can also be limited.

“We researched the most popular choices in child computer customization products and as a result developed the PeeWee Kit,” said Oscar Ferreira, President of PeeWee PC. “It is the perfect start to a child’s introduction to a computer, because we are not only providing a portable USB memory device widely used in the adult PC world, but also a variety of games to encourage entertainment and learning, and most importantly our best security software.”

The software and game titles will be suitable for three educational levels - pre-kindergarten, early elementary and upper elementary. Subjects covered include mathematics, science, literacy and geography with titles like, “Science House”, “Bailey Book House” and “Sammy’s Science House”.

Available in March 2010, from PeeWee PC, the PeeWee Kit will retail for US$29.99 with free shipping. A CD-ROM version including four games, will also be available for US$19.99. You’ll need Windows 7, Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Vista Service Pack 1 operating systems, Pentium processor or higher, and a free USB port.

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