We dog-sat a friend’s Labrador a while ago. Beautiful dog, not so pleasant was picking up the doggie do after him! You see, his diet at the time consisted of a green-colored, dry dog food…so you can imagine the end result. If only I’d had a Pet Pooch Power System. His mess could have been vacuumed up and I wouldn’t have ended up with any on my hands!

The Pet Pooch Power System is a clever, cordless vacuum cleaner that deals with your dog’s mess. Its long handle means you won’t have to bend down to scoop up the waste and once collected, it’s deposited neatly into a biodegradable plastic bag for easy disposal.

The rechargeable 120V battery will give you up to 150 uses on one charge and you get 10 waste bags included with the unit. Luckily, the waste does not come into contact with the machine or your hands…so the unit can be stored with other garden tools and this unpleasant job could become a little less unsavory.

Available from Front Gate, the Pet Pooch Power System retails for US$99.50. A set of 50 spare bags will cost you US$19.50 or you can get a set of 100 for US$35.50.