Philips' color-shifting light bulbs are one way for hosts to set the mood at home, and soon one of Europe's sporting giants will be using the company's technology to do exactly that, but on a much larger scale. Spanish soccer club Atletico Madrid is preparing to move into a 67,000-seat stadium next season, where the playing arena will be the first in the world to be illuminated by Philips' so-called ArenaExperience.

The Madrid club's new home will use 336 LED floodlights to light up the playing pitch, an array that can be switched on or off in an instant to accommodate light shows. Built into the roof overhead will be Philips' VayaFlood LED lighting, which is capable of displaying more than 16 million colors, while a dynamic system will illuminate the stadium's facade.

Controlled by Philips ColorKinetics, these systems can change color on the fly depending on the situation. So the facade may project the team's red and white colors before the game to excite the arriving fans, for example, and then change colors on the inside when a goal is scored to whip them into a frenzy.

As one of Europe's stronger clubs, Atletico Madrid play in Spain's La Liga where they currently sit top of the table, along with the continental Champions League where they finished as runners up last season, so they should have no shortage of adoring fans to enjoy the bright lights.

The animation below gives an idea of what they'll be in for.

Source: Philips (Spanish)

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