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Philips launches clear LED bulb with the look of an incandescent

Philips launches clear LED bulb with the look of an incandescent
The new Philips clear LED bulb
The new Philips clear LED bulb
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Philips' new clear LED bulb is designed to deliver an incandescent-like look and feel
Philips' new clear LED bulb is designed to deliver an incandescent-like look and feel
The new Philips clear LED bulb
The new Philips clear LED bulb

It's no secret that LED bulbs are far more efficient than traditional incandescent lights. One drawback, though, is a different look than the bulbs that people are accustomed to. Philips has just launched a new clear LED bulb that features the traditional light bulb shape and look, but with the efficiency benefits of modern offerings.

Aside from keeping the traditional bulb shape, Philips also designed its clear LED to feature the same type of lighting as users expect from a traditional filament bulb. Additionally, it's built in such a way that it can emit the light in all directions, instead of focusing it in a specific area in the way many LED bulbs do.

The bulb itself is a 40-watt equivalent pushing 470 lumens, and it's dimmable, which should give it some more versatility for use in different settings throughout the home. It features a 2700K color temperature, which is a warm white light, similar to the color of most incandescent bulbs.

Philips plans to release the bulbs in July, with an MSRP of €8.99 (about US$12).

Source: Philips

I notice there is no picture showing just how it lights up a room. Does it give even all over lighting or are there hotspots?
The other thing, why 40W equivalent, do they expect everyone to live in semi darkness or are we supposed to run 5 or 6 of then to light a room?
40 watt equivalent seems to be some kind of limit to cheap LED bulbs any more and the price seems to be way higher.
Jay Finke
The new Cree and cob led's are amazing and very bright, LED's have came a long way in the last few years, as they now have voltage regulators witch I have found, increase there life and there application, as they can be hooked up to 85 - 266 volts. and some of the low voltage AC bulbs work on AC or DC. I'm almost waiting for the next hurricane, as I will be the only one on the block with the house lights all on, do to there low power consumption on my generator. (Florida)
Bryan P
All very cute, but I have to echo what has already been said: give me a true 100W equivalent or higher bulb. I don't really CARE what it looks like, that's what lamp shades are for! dimmable would be nice, but I refuse to live life by candle light! Heck, capitalize on the fact that it's NOT a light BULB and give me options like ceiling grid, wall grid and, yes, even patio grid diffuse lighting!
Perhaps 40W equivalent is the maximum without overheating, since this bulb doesn't have obvious heat sink. Inevitably higher wattage LED bulbs would need to have built-in cooling fan.
Adding my voice to the chorus. I would urge Cree to please come up with a clesar LED bulb that provides as much light as a 100-watt incandescent. I'm very glad they're designed a clear LED, as those others are pretty unsightly. So now let's move it up a few notches in brightness, please, Cree?
Simon Kitt
Hey it's also worth bearing in mind what candle style led filaments are designed for, flattering.
Subtle ambient omnidirectional mood lighting in smaller wattages candle bulbs always come in at 20 to 40w MAX you don't want candle bulbs blinding you with brightness hence the name candle bulb lol.
If you want a 1 bulb general light for lighting up a whole room you would buy a larger 8w/10w/12w corn bulb led. giving you 80/100/120 watts of effective omnidirectional lighting. these are the best led bulbs for that type of general living room application.
If you wanted to light up a whole kitchen you could use led strip bulbs like cfl tubes to be honest there is not a conventional bulb that has not been improved upon in 2014 with a better led alternative...