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Philips leads the marital aid industry out of the Dark Ages

Philips leads the marital aid industry out of the Dark Ages
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In developing the Sensual Massagers ranges, Philips found that 40% of couples were uncomfortable with the poorly made and often crude sex toys currently available
In developing the Sensual Massagers ranges, Philips found that 40% of couples were uncomfortable with the poorly made and often crude sex toys currently available
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Sexual aids have been in use for thousands of years, coming in and out of official favor in different eras and jurisdictions, and indeed, many countries still outlaw them entirely. As our understanding of our sexuality has grown, sex aids have increased in their usage, with more than 40% of European couples already using them and another 35% interested and willing, but reluctant to enter what they perceive as a seedy sex store. Now Philips has created a range of sex toys specifically designed for couples, taking the genre mainstream for the first time. Bravo Philips!

Remarkably, for all the knowledge we have accumulated as a species, one of humanity’s primary aspects, our sexuality, remains shrouded in veil of political correctness, awkwardness and misunderstanding.

Sex aids in particular have a remarkable history, having been used for thousands of years, and having been largely the domain of sex shops for the last half century, though it should be noted that numerous such items have made it onto the shelves of department stores, labeled as neck and back massagers, but never with their primary selling features marketed directly.

Hence we wholeheartedly applaud Philips for being the first corporate prepared to risk political incorrectness in addressing the marketplace honestly. In another departure from tradition, Philips has created a range of sex aids to be enjoyed by both partners, rather than traditional sex toys which are largely used as partner substitute. We believe this is indeed a landmark product for humanity in that it will invariably change society’s attitudes.

In making its range of Sensual Intimate Massagers freely available in department stores, without the sex shop stigma, our expectation is that the range will be hugely successful - after all, who wouldn’t want to try them? - and pave the way for other corporates to pursue this far-from-niche marketplace. There are three new products in the range and they are the Dual Sensual massager (EUR 150), the Warm Sensual massager (EUR 100), and the Sensual massager (EUR 70).

Philips’ research showed that buying stimulators that can enhance one’s sex life is no longer generally seen as taboo or a way to pleasure for one partner only. The new Philips Sensual Massager is designed specifically for couples and is the first non-penetrative stimulator designed to stimulate both partners. So much so, that almost 80% of couples who used the product recommend it as ‘excellent’ and in comparative consumer tests, the Dual Sensual Massagers were rated ‘the most satisfying sex toy for couples’ against Durex Play Dream, Jimmy Jane Form 6 and Lelo Lily.

The new Philips Sensual Massager is shaped to fit the contours of male and female erogenous zones meaning it can be used all over both partners’ bodies to arouse their sex senses. Made from tactile, smooth-to-the-touch material and ergonomically sculpted to fit the palm of the hand, the Philips Sensual Massager heightens the power of your partner’s natural touch during foreplay – and can also be used in the bath or shower, or with fragrant body oils.

The Philips Sensual Massager also pulsates at different vibration modes and speeds so you can really shape your sexual experience around your partner’s desires and preferences. The Sensual Massager is compact and instinctive to use, making it ideal for both first-time and experienced users of sex accessories. And because its form is elegant and discreet, in sumptuous purple with a streamlined pebble-like shape, the new Philips Sensual Massager not only feels completely different to any other sex toy, it also looks completely different too.

All products within the Philips Sensual Massagers range have the same touch-inspired, stimulating features. The range includes a Warm Sensual Massager which gently heats up to make things even steamier during intimate moments; a Warm Sensual Massager with Mood Lights to really set the mood and spark things up; and Dual Sensual Massagers, with individual products specifically designed for him and her, so you can take turns giving each other unrivaled pleasure intensity.

In developing the Sensual Massagers ranges, Philips found that 40% of couples were uncomfortable with the poorly made and often crude sex toys currently available. Couples in particular didn’t know which brands to turn to, with much choice – yet little quality or inclusion of both partners in the experience. In designing this range, Philips has created a completely different kind of sex toy which allows couples to stimulate and explore each other’s bodies together.

The experts agree – Paula Hall, a sex and relationship expert who advised Philips throughout the development of the Sensual Massagers range said: “A massager that has benefits for both helps heighten pleasure for both partners in a healthy sexual relationship. Through sexual intimacy, both experience a change in their body’s chemical and hormone levels which actually brings about emotional changes that enhance bonding within a long-term relationship.”

In recent years attitudes have changed towards sex toys. Perceptions about the products and accessories that couples can use within their intimate relationships have come a long way. But, there are still certain elements that make some people feel uncomfortable about buying them in the first place, let alone using them.

Philips explored these attitudes further and found two things.

Firstly, there is a thirst for sex life enhancing products designed for couples to use together, rather than individually.

In addition, buying sex toys lends itself to scenarios many adults don’t want to be associated with and this can be a turn-off, e.g. entering traditional sex shops which many consider to be seedy rather than sensual.


There are currently three products within the Sensual Massagers range:

Philips Sensual Massager (EUR 70)

The newest product within the Sensual Massagers range, the Sensual Massager is ergonomically sculpted to fit in the palm of your hand and preserve touch between couples. The multiple vibration modes and intensities can be adjusted according to your partner’s preference. Perfect for first-time users of sex accessories, the Sensual Massager is small and discreet and blends effortlessly into foreplay.

Philips Dual Sensual Massagers (EUR 150)

This model offers two Sensual Massagers specifically designed for him and her. Each form has its own unique shape that perfectly fits the specific male and female erogenous zones, maximizing pleasure. The Dual Sensual Massagers have four different vibration modes, including a steady, continuous vibration and various pulses concentrated on a stimulating spot on each model. The Massagers come with a discreet charging case for cordless charging and storage.

Philips Warm Sensual Massager (EUR 100)

The Warm Sensual Massager offers five different vibration modes to tantalize. They range from a steady, continuous vibration to a variety of pulse patterns at pleasure points on the massager. The speed and intensity of each mode can be increased at the touch of a button. When pre-warmed in its charging tray, the Massager adds even more ‘heat’ to your encounter, making skin contact even more sensuous and intense.

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If these units are of the quality of all my Phillips products [TV, Video recorder, Car radio/cassette, Hair dryer, etc.], which have quickly entered landfill tips, then disappointment in the marital bedchamber is a certainty!