Philips' Wake-up Light is a 'dawn simulator' that uses light to ease you gently out of your snoozing state, but the latest version provides another option for those days when a little extra oomph may be required to get you moving with the inclusion of an iPod dock.

In addition to the ability to play and charge your iPod / iPhone, the Wake-up Light HF3490 (like the previous model) also has an FM radio and a choice of four "natural wake up sounds" - morning birds in the forest, a relaxing beep, the sounds of the African jungle or soft wind chimes.

The light intensity can be gradually increased to 300 Lux over a 30 minute period prior to your required wake up time and there's also a "Dusk simulation" feature which gradually dims both light and sound as you drift off to sleep.

And if you still cant get out of bed, the Wake-up Light still includes one of the key technological innovations of the modern era - a snooze button.

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