Phosphor watch features customizable E Ink display

Phosphor watch features customizable E Ink display
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December 14, 2007 Clocks and watches are one of the many product groups that stand to benefit from the utilization of Electronic Paper Displays (EPD). The latest example from the world of timepieces comes from Art Technology Ltd, which has embraced the benefits of EPD technology in its new range of Phosphor branded luxury watches. These watches utilize E Ink’s high contrast, wide viewing angle EPD technology to display time in analog or digital formats with the look of electronic paper which possesses much better contrast in high brightness situations than any emissive display. It can be read accurately and instantly from any angle, vastly improving on traditional liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and the use of an EPD allows users to customize the dial by selecting from a range of styles - from the precise detail of full numerals and indices to the simplicity of no markings at all.

Representing Art Technology’s first line of fashion watches the Phosphor E Ink watch features a metal case, oversized buttons and knobs, and a thick strap available in cross-stitched black leather band or black polyurethane. However, the main attraction is the E Ink Vizplex electronic paper display that forms the entire watch dial.

E Ink’s Vizplex film based electronic paper technology offers a number of benefits over traditional watch display technologies. Since the display is made up of pure black and pure white particles, which allow the same contrast as found on a printed page, the display produces more than twice the contrast of a conventional LCD panel and can be easily read in either bright sunlight or in dimly lit environments. Also, since the display is readable under very low light conditions, no backlighting is required and the display also has an inherently stable 'memory effect' that requires no power to maintain an image - both factors that contribute to a longer battery life. With a viewing cone of 180 degrees, the display overcomes the disadvantages of conventional displays when it comes to off-axis viewing.

The Phosphor watch is available directly from their website for USD$250.

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