These days, almost any traveler carries one or more gadgets with them wherever they go, from a smartphone to a tablet to a laptop or a camera. But once you're actually in an airport or hotel, trying to find enough outlets to charge all these devices isn't always easy. That's why one inventor devised the Pivot Power Mini, a travel adapter that transforms one electrical socket into four different outlets.

Once it's been plugged in and unfolded, the collapsible power strip can be used for two power outlets and two USB outlets. It fits into any standard North American outlet and provides both charging and surge protection for anything connected to it. When not in use, the three-pronged plug and dual power sockets fold down to fit more easily in a bag or purse.

The pint-sized power adapter was invented by Wisconsin-based Jake Zien using Quirky, a website that helps inventors collaborate with others to tweak their designs bit by bit until they're ready to sell. It's actually a spinoff of an adjustable power strip Zien designed almost two years ago, called simply the Pivot Power, which enlisted the help of 1573 people to complete. This also marks the 125th product created this way in Quirky's over three-year history.

The Pivot Power Mini is available now through Quirky's website for US$24.99.

Source: Quirky

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