Sony has announced its PlayStation VR headset is getting a minor update. Coming a year after the launch of the original PlayStation VR, the new version bears the model number CUH-ZVR2 and will clean up a bit of the cable clutter at the back of the headset, with an updated Processor Unit also adding HDR pass-through capabilities.

Whereas headphones currently need to be plugged into a jack located on the connection cable trailing from the rear of the unit, Sony has now integrated stereo headphones into the new headset. Coupled with a slimmed down connection cable, the result is a cleaner look compared to its CUH-ZVR1 predecessor.

Meanwhile, an updated Processor Unit will allow users to view HDR-compatible PS4 content on a TV without having to disconnect said Processor Unit from in between the TV and PS4, as was the case with the previous model. Sony points out that the headset needs to be turned off for this function to work and won't be possible on existing PSVR units.

The updated model is set to be released in Japan on October 14, but Sony hasn't said when it will make it to other markets. The company did say that the updated model would be sold at the same price as the original model, so if you're considering a purchase, you might want to hold off until the new model lands.