February 13, 2009 Here's one we didn't see coming. Designed by Ami Drach and Dov Ganchrow, industrial design graduates from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, this self-heating dinner plate uses silk-screened gold and free-form metal films to keep your food warm in case you are suddenly called from the table. You simply plug the plate into an electrical source and the current heats the ornate graphic pattern and hence your food.

Drach and Ganchrow entered their + / - plate in Design Boom’s "Dining in 2012" competition last year. “We use the conductive properties of silk-screened gold or Amorphic Metal films in the same manner printed circuit boards or car windshield defrosters work,” they said.

The logistics of having a number of these on a dining table does seem problematic, not to mention the environmental and safety issues, but it would make a great conversation starter at your next dinner party. Not recommended for salads or ice cream.

Via Dvice.

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