Although we're social creatures, everyone needs a bit of privacy every now and then. This is particularly true in the bedroom, but whether it's sharing with siblings growing up or co-habitation with roommates at college, unfortunately not all have us can enjoy the luxury of our own sleeping space. While not quite in the same league as your own four walls, the Privacy Pop will provide some protection from prying eyes - but you'll still want to keep the noise down - you know, when reading.

Designed as a tent that fits around a bed, the Privacy Pop includes zippered access and windows that provide extra ventilation and light when you want it. The unit also folds down like a tent to fit in a custom carrying bag, meaning it might also appeal to travelers regularly staying in hostels. And while college-goers might find it handy for warding off the morning light after a big night out or not annoying others when working late on a laptop, it's youngsters that are likely to get the most out of the Privacy Pop.

As they get older, kids love their own private space away from grown ups, be it real or imagined - just look at the continuing popularity of blanket forts. The Privacy Pop not only provides that sense of privacy, but allows parents to keep an ear out to ensure the little ones don't get up to too much trouble.

The Privacy Pop is designed to fit twin and twin XL beds and retails for US$199.95.

Source: Privacy Pop via OhGizmo!

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