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'iPhone Recovery Stick' retrieves deleted data

'iPhone Recovery Stick' retrieves deleted data iPhone Recovery Stick iPhone Recovery Stick
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1/1 iPhone Recovery Stick has released an "iPhone Recovery Stick" that allows you access to deleted text messages, call logs, contacts, appointments, Internet history, images and other data from your iPhone.

“Until now, there was no simple way for parents, spouses or business owners to recover deleted data from iPhones. The technology behind our product is a game changer for law enforcement, and will be equally important for the safety and security of families and businesses around the world,” says Scott Graubart, VP of Atlas Technology Group, the parent company of

The process is simple. Connect the iPhone to a USB port on a Windows computer, then plug the Recovery Stick into a second USB port. Once the program has started it may take between 15 minutes or several hours to complete the recovery process, depending on the amount of data stored on the phone. It can also be used to recover data from iTunes backup files if you don't have direct access to the phone.

If you are searching for a particular name or phone number, the program has a search engine to track specific items. Then, if you find what you are looking for you can bookmark the data to have it included in a detailed report.

Resembling a standard USB thumb-drive, the Recovery Stick requires a computer running Windows XP, Vista, 7, 2000 or 2003 and only supports iPhones running iOS up to 3.x. The company say iOS 4 and later is expected to be supported shortly.

In terms of recovering what you are looking for, I wouldn’t get my hopes up. The older the data is, the less likely you'll be successful in recovering it. The system relies upon how much storage space is available on the iPhone and how much new information has been written. For example if you wish to recover a deleted text message but received a message immediately after you deleted it, it is unlikely that you will recover this message. You may be able to recover a portion of that message if the new text message is shorter, therefore taking up less space in the memory bank.

Retrieving lost data doesn't come cheap however – the iPhone Recovery Stick costs US$197.95.

Charles Bosse
Does this come bundled with the app \"How to build trust at the workplace and at home\"? Seriosly though, I predict a jailbroken app to format memory after deletions and encript stored data within just a few weeks.
This is hardly a game changer, programs that do this kind of thing have been around for a long time. Most of the time when you delete or format you\'re really just deleting the addresses that point to the content, not the content itself. This is why it\'s very silly to discard any device that may have held sensitive data without first filling the disk with zeroes multiple times.
This "iPhone Recovery Stick" is too expensive, I tried Dr.Fone, it is also recovered my data and more cheaper than this.