Back in 2015, we first heard about the Prynt Case – an iPhone case that printed instant photos which were taken with the phone's camera. Although it was a Kickstarter project at the time, it's since become a product you can actually buy. Now, its makers have released a more compact model, known as the Prynt Pocket. We recently got our hands on a nice minty green one, and gave it a try.

To use the device, you first download a free app, adjust a slider on the Pocket's docking mechanism to fit the width of your particular model of iPhone, then just slide the phone in so that it engages the built-in Lighting connector. Doing so automatically powers the Pocket up.

You also have to load some 2 x 3-inch sheets of Zink-brand instant photo paper into a cartridge, which is then plugged into a slot on the side of the Pocket. Although those papers come in packs of 10, we found that putting all of them in the cartridge at once sometimes caused it to jam. Fortunately, pulling it out and reloading it is quite easy.

Once the phone is docked and the paper is loaded, using the device is pretty much as simple as just taking a photo then pressing Print on the app – although you can do things like adding titles, applying filters, etc. You can also access your phone's camera roll, and print off pictures that were taken earlier.

The printing process takes just a few seconds, and the tiny little prints are of reasonably good quality, considering that you're probably not likely to be framing them. As an added bonus, however, they do have an adhesive backing, meaning that they can be used like stickers.

Another fun bonus that you might or might not take advantage of is the "augmented reality" feature. To use it, you start by utilizing the app to shoot a short video instead of a still photo. You then print a photo as usual, which takes the form of a still image from the start of that video. When you subsequently view that printed photo via the app, however, it will appear as several seconds of moving video – it's sort of like the animated "Wanted" posters in the Harry Potter films.

As previously mentioned, there is already a Prynt Case. Besides being larger and heavier than the Pocket, it also lacks the built-in Lightning connector, instead requiring an adapter (although it does work with the Samsung Galaxy S5). Is is a bit more streamlined, in that the photo papers are loaded right into it, instead of being in a cartridge that sticks out to the side. Both the Case and the Pocket have a battery life of about 20 prints per charge.

If you're interested in getting a Prynt Pocket, it's available now in your choice of four colors for US$150. It comes with one 10-pack of the paper, with additional boxes of four of the packs (for a total of 40 sheets) coming in at $20.

Product page: Prynt Pocket

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