January 23, 2009 The PlayStation 3 Firmware 2.60 has been released, adding DivX 3.11 playback, a new photo gallery feature, and allowing guests without PlayStation Network accounts to access the PlayStation Store.

The Photo Gallery application is another 100MB download separate from the update. To install it, head to the Photo tab of the XMB and select "Photo Gallery". It has some pretty neat features for browsing your photos, like the age of people in the photos and their facial expressions, as well as more conventional criteria like the date or the camera they were taken on.

DivX 3.11 was the first publically available version of DivX, released in 1998, and while we haven't come across any video encoded in this format recently, your milage may vary. We first tested DivX playback on the PS3 back in 2007 and still think it's one of the best capabilities to have arrived on the console via a system update.

The 140MB update is available now - just head to the Settings tab of your XMB and select "System Update".