It’s been a strangely long time coming, but the PS3 is finally getting a dedicated YouTube app. While PS3 owners have previously been forced to access their favorite LOLcats YouTube videos via the PS3’s included web browser, the new free app has been designed specifically for viewing on a big screen TV and optimized for use with PS3 controls to provide a more user-friendly experience.

In addition to letting users search for videos with search results provided as you type, PS3 owners can sign into YouTube to access their favorites, playlists and subscribed channels, including HD content. There’s also the ability to control the app using a smartphone. After “a quick pairing process” users can find a video on their phone and send it to play on the TV with a push of a button. The phone can then be used to control playback or to continue browsing for the next video to add to your playlist.

The YouTube app is a free download from the PlayStation Store and is rolling out in North America today, with other countries to follow in the coming months.

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