If an amphitheater provides a robust sound for audiences, then it would seem to follow that an audio dock with a similar half-circle shape should also provide a nice sound. Pure's 20-watt Contour 100i audio dock for iPhone, iPad and iPod is such a device. It consists of a set of 3-inch speakers, and a revolving cradle that recedes flush with the speakers when not in use. An auxiliary input allows for connection to an MP3 player or other audio device.

With this audio dock, there's access to more than just what's on the plugged-in device. It supports Pure Lounge, a cloud-based music subscription service Pure rolled out in the UK this year, and plans to make available in North America later in 2012. The Pure Lounge app is available on iOS and Android devices and connects users to internet radio stations, podcasts, listen again programs and ambient sounds, among other on-demand content. To coincide with the release of the Contour 100i audio dock, Pure is making its Pure Lounge app free on iTunes and Google's Play store. The company did not say how long that offer will last.

A slim-line remote comes with the audio dock. When not in use, a magnet on both the remote and the unit keep it out of the way, and easy to find.

Pure built its new audio dock based on its Contour line. Each dock in the series has a similar semi-circular design. The 100i adds the clock, which is separate from the revolving cradle. It can be used at bedside for an alarm clock, but will just as easily compliment an office space or kitchen counter.

The Contour 100i complies with Pure's EcoPlus ethical philosophy. The company has made an ongoing commitment to minimize environmental impact. To follow this directive, the Contour 100i is designed to have reduced power consumption in operation and stand-by modes. Pure uses recycled packaging materials, and minimizes the use of these materials to reduce its footprint.

The Pure Contour 100i will be available stateside for US$189.

Source: Pure

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