In the current day and age of design, you might have imagined we'd have come up with an aesthetic, intuitive and practical answer to the “Push – Pull” dichotomy frustrating and embarrassing confused shoppers and office-workers everywhere. While there are solutions such as the "push bar – pull handle" design often found in schools, student designer Jeon Hwan Soo has come up with a smart and instinctive all-in-one design that could reduce the number of people pulling an arm out of its socket or running into a door when they have pushed when they should have pulled or vice versa.

The problem is that “Push” and “Pull” are often not sufficiently different visually and no standard differentiation has ever been introduced. Schools and emergency exits have been using the “push bar – pull handle” system for years but they aren't as simple as Soo's all-in-one design. Soo, of the Samsung Art and Design Institute, instead proposes a flat panel on the “Push” side that releases the door catch when the panel is pressed flush with the door itself, and a handle on the “Pull” side that releases the catch when the handle panel clicks into flush position with the door. Soo's design also allows for the shape of the push/pull panels to be made in different shapes.

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