April 29, 2009 The majority of the “effects” you get from your surround speakers are quite directional. One of the biggest setbacks with ceiling mount speakers, particularly in a home theater application is that they fire straight down, and for a more even handed surround experience, they tend to be mounted behind the listener too. The same issues apply to in wall speakers: mounted on a vertical plane, they’re normally close to the ceiling as it is, meaning directional high frequencies won’t fire towards you.

Entering a relatively new area of the market is QPD Speakers with their range of motorized in-ceiling and in-wall speakers that address this issue. Four models are on offer. All are adjustable to a 25, 30, 35, 40 and 50 degree angle, allowing the tweeters to fire directly towards the listening area rather than straight down or across.

The QPD2006 is a 2-way speaker with a 1 inch dome tweeter and 6.5 inch woofer, while the QPD2008 offers an 8 inch woofer and two, 1 inch dome tweeters. Nominal impedance for both speakers is 8 ohms and they share a >90dB sensitivity rating, making them ideal for home theater and multi-room installations.

The QPD2006 and QPD2008 require a rectangular and square cut-out (respectively) for installation. If the look of a round speaker in your wall or ceiling is preferable, QPD Speakers offer the QPD2016 and QPD2018 which share much the same specifications as the 2006 and 2008 models.

All QPD motorized speakers are enclosed in their own cabinets, unlike conventional ceiling/wall mount speakers which use the roof or wall cavity as a speaker enclosure. This makes controlling their sound more predictable when planning an installation as the roof/wall cavity are no longer variable factors.

So as to cater for automated (AMX, Crestron, C-Bus) type installs, all QPD motorized speaker models offer a remote controlled version for complete system integration. You only need one remote to control all your speakers at once, a further bonus when integrating into custom systems.

Pricing for the QPD Speakers model QPD2006 is AUD$549 each. The remote controlled version (QPD2006R) will set you back an extra AUD$150. The QPD2008 comes in at AUD$649 each (same deal with the remote version) and the QPD2016 will set you back AUD$699, $849 for the remote version (QPD2016R) coming in at each.

Tim LeFevre

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