If you spend long hours in front of a computer on a regular basis, chances are your head has found a not-so-comfortable resting place on the keyboard at some point. Now Italian design group, ZO_loft, has devised a keyboard especially for relaxing that won't leave an imprint on your face or your screen filled with gibberish. The QWERTY sofa concept is modeled after a computer keyboard and can be customized by adjusting each "key's" height.

Inspired by the prevalence of technology both at home and in the office, designers Andrea Cingoli, Valentino Castelli, and Umberto La Sorda developed the concept as a way to add "a pinch of irony in our daily life." The sleek-looking sofa is comprised of separate cushions attached to a stainless steel frame and made to resemble a certain familiar piece of office equipment (though a few keys from its object of inspiration are noticeably absent).

The keyboard motif isn't just for style though. According to the designers, each key would be supported by a small electric motor, allowing individual cushions to be raised or lowered to form a wide range of configurations. Using a remote control, the sofa could be laid flat, propped upright with armrests, or customized to suit any number of sitting positions.

Even without the eye-catching design, the idea of a sofa with a fully adjustable surface is intriguing on its own. Pushing out specific sections could create a makeshift table for a laptop, a prop to lay your head on, or just some extra back support.

Sadly, the QWERTY sofa is currently only concept and ZO_loft hasn't announced plans to take the design into production.

Source: ZO_loft

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