With its clever design and use of low-cost materials, the flood-proof Blooming Bamboo house by Vietnam's H&P Architects impressed us back in 2013. project is similarly innovative, Built using recycled materials, the firm's multicolored, multifunctional Re-ainbow community center is similarly innovative.

Located next to a dilapidated stadium in a rural part of Vietnam's North Central Coast region, Re-ainbow consists of a small building and three large multicolored corrugated metal roof shelters. The building includes a classroom, health station, public showers and bathroom, while the covered area serves various purposes, such as theater and meeting space. The surrounding outdoor area is used for sports like badminton and volleyball, and is also used as a physical training ground.

According to H&P Architects, Re-ainbow is designed to withstand heavy storms. It was part-built using recycled and unwanted materials which include scaffolding pipes, sheet metal, brick and bathroom ware. Costs were also kept down by tasking local volunteers with some of the manual labor required.

The firm added some sensible sustainable tech too. A solar panel measuring 1.1 x 0.5 m (3.6 x 1.6 ft) produces electricity and there's also a solar hot water system. A 500 l (132 US gallon) rainwater collection tank is also integrated into the roof, and the building's overall design aims to maximize natural ventilation and lighting.

Re-ainbow was completed this year.

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