Have you ever wanted to change the layout of your house? Well, a new concept from Universe Architecture will let you do so simply and with relative ease. Tetris House is a modular system of blocks that can slot together in a number of different arrangements. Residents can also attach accessories to its façade.

Designed by architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars of Universe, the Tetris House is said to have come about in 2009 following an inquiry from a client who asked for fewer houses than were possible on a plot, but all with 360-degree views. Although nothing resulted from the inquiry, Universe felt the idea carried some potential and continued to work on it.

Each house comprises a number of blocks that are simply placed next to each other or piled on top of each other. Residents can place elements such as bathrooms or kitchens wherever they want. The blocks have a steel structure, as well as steel strips on their façades to which things like balconies and shutters can be attached.

Once the configuration of blocks has been decided upon, Universe says it expects houses to remain static for the most part. If required though, the blocks can be moved around and slotted back together in a different order without too much difficulty using a crane.

A typical Tetris House measures 175 sq m (1,884 sq ft), but given the modular nature that can be increased as required. The cost will depend on local circumstances, but Universe says it will be below the average local price per square meter due to the simplicity of the modular system.

The blueprints for what Universe feels is the final design were finished recently and the firm says the first Tetris House is ready for production. Its plan is for the first to be self-sufficient in terms of energy use, though no details have been mentioned.

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