Have you ever wondered how some airline, train or bus passengers are able to sleep with their heads balanced in the middle of their seat back? Well, if you don’t possess whatever skill it is that such people have, perhaps you could use a Relax ALLY Restband – it’s a headband that keeps your head attached to the seat.

The Restband actually consists of two parts – a soft, adjustable headband that is worn by the user, and a cam-buckled strap that is placed around the top of their back rest. When the user wants to grab some shut-eye, they just lean back and join the two together with built-in snap fasteners. The headband and strap will then keep their head from flopping too far over to either side, or from tipping forward. Should they need to get up quickly, however, the snap connecting the two will release.

According to its Finnish designers, the Restband keeps users from suddenly “nodding” themselves awake, unknowingly leaning against other passengers, or sleeping in positions that are painful to the neck or shoulders. They are currently raising production funds for the product, on Indiegogo. A pledge of US$39 will get you a Restband set of your own.

Source: Relax ALLY via OhGizmo

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