Renault used the current New Delhi Auto Show to unleash two new models of its popular KWID line – the KWID Climber and the KWID Racer. First introduced as a concept car in 2014, the KWID has sold over 90,000 units since it went on the market in India late last year.

The KWID Climber is built for off-roading with higher ground clearance, larger bumpers, side protective panels, and purpose-built tires. Although, its true off-roading capabilities may still need to be proven in real-world conditions.

The KWID Racer is the track version, and Renault appears to have gone to some lengths to set this car apart from the standard KWID and the Climber edition with 18-inch alloy wheels, low-profile tires, bucket seats and a roll cage. A wide air intake, spoilers and diffuser complete the sportier design outside, while inside the car features materials like Alcantara seat coverings, along with aluminum and carbon details. A console in the center of the dashboard displays telemetry data, allowing the driver to track their performance in real time.

Renault's new KWID Climber(Credit: Renault)

Renault also unveiled a new 1-liter powerplant and its all new Easy-R five-speed Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) for the KWID line. That's a 200 cc increase in size from the current engine that sits at 799 cc, which is bound to increase performance and power output for both of the new KWIDs significantly.

The company did not release any other specifications, pricing, or information on when either of the new KWID models might be available for purchase in India. Renault lists the current KWID starting at INR259,968 (about US$3,850).

Check out the video below to see more of the new KWID Climber and KWID Racer.

Source: Renault

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