Feeling safe is important. Whether it's just walking down the street or hiking up a mountain, knowing that one can get in touch with help if needed affords a great deal of security. That's the kind of nonviolent personal security the team at Revolar is aiming to bring to market with its discreet device that lets users reach out for help with the touch of a button.

Basically, Revolar is a small device (1 inch/2.5 cm on each side and 1/8-inch/3.2 mm thick) with a button that the user clips under his or her clothes in a place where they can reach it quickly. It’s also designed to be clipped to a backpack or on a key ring. The creators are aiming to let people wear it the way that works best for them, so they can feel safe without being put out.

The user enters emergency contact information into its companion iOS/Android smartphone application, and if he or she presses the button on the device, it begins tracking the user's location and sends a text message to those contacts, along with the user's GPS coordinates. It will keep sending an updated link every few minutes, allowing friends and loved ones to keep up with movements. When the wearer feels safe, he or she can turn the alert off using the app.

In a smart design choice, the creators made the button slightly recessed, preventing false alarms. After all, it would certainly not be a good thing if one were to accidentally press the button and scare their friends and loved ones that they've added as the emergency contacts.

What makes this stand out from devices like the Impact-sensing hair clip is that it can be used by both genders for a wide range of situations. For example, one could be out hiking and end up trapped somewhere, unable to reach their smartphone. Instead of having to fend for themselves, they could push the button and have their friends and loved ones alerted. While it’s great that it offers a non-violent form of safety from personal attacks, the extra level of flexibility really makes this device stand out.

Revolar is seeking funding on Kickstarter and it has just met its US$75,000 goal. Backers interested in preordering a device can do so for a minimum pledge of $75 while the limited special lasts. From there, the price jumps to $90. The team plans to deliver the devices to backers in April 2016, assuming they reach production.

The pitch video below provides some back story and additional information.

Source: Kickstarter

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