Aside from professional painters, it's a sure bet that painting can be a cumbersome and messy chore for most people. That's why hardware retailer Rockler has created the Mixing Mate Paint Lid, which attaches to a paint can to easily stir the paint, pour it out smoothly, and even seal it for later.

The Mixing Mate attaches to any standard quart (946 ml)-sized paint can using twisting cam clamps to lock it in place and prevent any leaks. Turning the crank on top spins the auger-shaped blade inside the can, which lifts any pigment from the bottom and mixes it quickly and thoroughly. Then, the paint can be poured cleanly from the spout while holding the pistol grip handle and pushing a lever – which looks much more comfortable than dealing with the metal wire most paint cans use for a handle.

Finally, once you're done, the spout seals up tightly with a spring so it can be stored away for another time. The whole device is also composed of mostly non-metal materials so solvents won't affect it, and it breaks apart into multiple pieces for easier cleaning.

Rockler is now selling the quart-sized Mixing Mate Paint Lid through its online store for US$14.99 each, with a gallon (3.8-liter)-sized version expected in February 2013 for $19.95.

Source: Rockler via Uncrate

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