Students from the University of Karlsruhe in Germany have created a flexible housing solution that makes the most of its minimal interior space in a very unusual way. Dubbed "Roll it", this cylinder-shaped home changes its purpose depending on its orientation - roll the the work space 180 degrees and it becomes a bed, the kitchen becomes a bathroom and you even get some exercise in the mouse wheel-like center section when you decide to "move house".

Student team Christian Zwick and Konstantin Jerabek came up with the "Roll it" idea when working on a project that explored the concept of "mobile and space-efficient construction."

The experimental design consists of an outer shell which comprises four supporting rings and a torsion inner shell membrane. Thin wooden slats are mounted to the external membrane, allowing the running surface to roll and stop.

The odd-ball interior design features several independent living solutions. The table and work space convert into the sleeping zone with the mattress held in place using velcro while blankets, pillows, linen and clothing can be stored in the space beneath it.

A "wet" zone located in the front section offers access to a toilet, sink and even a stove. The sink is embedded in the paneling, where a water tank is located above it and - thankfully - the hinged toilet design means it can't be turned upside down. Rectangular slits allow for natural light to filter through openings and a large circular opening at the end serves as the entrance.

Whilst it may not be the comfiest of housing solutions, the rolling design sure is novel.

Source: Detail (German).

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