Despite digital formats streaming their way into the homes and pockets of music lovers in recent years, vinyl is still alive an well. But picture discs aside, the groovy black disc generally ain't much to look at. Indianapolis-based Romanus Records is changing that. Limited releases include a record that contains gun powder and razor blades, another that creates a glow-in-the-dark magic eye as it spins around and a few packed with shifting sand or liquid. The latest envelope-pushing idea from the label is an album that rocks its own light show.

The custom vinyl has been developed as a limited release for Brother O Brother's Neon Native album, the label's house band of sorts. The band's Chris Banta told us that exactly how the flashy vinyl was made is being kept a secret to nip imitators in the bud, but did share that the album's light show is powered by a USB rechargeable Li-ion battery tower mounted to a 45 adapter that sits at the turntable's spindle. This setup allows both sides of the album to be played and keeps wiring away from the turntable's tonearm.

"This is the first custom where I've had to include instructions on how to assemble a part of the record to get the full experience," he told Classic Rock magazine last week. "It comes with a remote that has four different functions for patterns and lighting options, along with individual color choices."

The pressing has been limited to 45 units, which all sold within hours of launch for US$80 each. Banta told us that more LED records are in the pipeline and the label is currently considering the technology for upcoming releases by King Gizzard and Turbo Fruits, among others.

Meanwhile, you can see the Brother O Brother album providing its own disco light show in the video below.

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