An increasing number of homes are being built to blend in with their location more fully and offer a way of life in tune with nature. However, two concept homes designed by Antony Gibbon go further than this, by promising a comfortable and elegant dwelling which doesn’t just blend in, but almost becomes part of the local surroundings.

Roost comprises several pod-like capsules. These capsules are harnessed to the trunk of each tree using a nondestructive bracing technique, which still allows the trees to live and grow.

Each capsule that makes up the discreet dwelling has a central staircase leading to an outdoor platform. This allows the resident to enjoy the surrounding nature – which is the main point of such an unusual abode, after all. The outdoor platforms also serve as a connection to the next pod, and add some additional structural support.

A pod sleeps up to two people and an exterior platform situated far above the tree canopy affords panoramic views of the landscape. Access to the network of pods is gained by just one staircase which leads back to the forest floor.

The more contemporary and spacious Inhabit home is inspired by geometric forms, and can be erected in various ways so as to best suit the land. Access to the stilted structure is gained via a trapdoor underneath.

Inhabit can sleep between four and six people, depending on the design implemented. In addition to comforts like a wood-burning stove and rugs, the home makes use of ample natural light via expansive windows.

Alas, both the Roost and Inhabit are still yet to be produced, but the designer seeks a commission to bring them into being.

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