For Jeep Wrangler owners who enjoy driving their all-terrain vehicles with the top down, there is an obvious downside when the weather turns bad – replacing the top quickly. Rugged Ridge's solution to this potentially time-consuming operation is the PowerTop - a hydraulic soft-top that can be raised or lowered with the push of a button.

The hydraulically operated Powertop, made from heavy-duty, Haartz Stayfast material is designed to fit all four-door Jeep Wranglers built since 2007. Rugged Ridge, a division of one of the world’s largest independent manufacturers of Jeep parts and accessories Omix-Ada, says that the top can be installed or removed in as little as five seconds, eliminating the need to get out of your Jeep to do the job manually. To operate the PowerTop, you unlatch the header and (while your foot is on the brake and key in ignition) push the switch.

Many Jeep owners would understand the experience of having to manually struggle with convertible tops, whether it be a hard-top or a soft-top. In some cases it is a two-person task that can be made all the more demanding when the rain starts pouring down on your topless Jeep.

The Rugged Ridge PowerTop is priced at US$4,999.99, excluding installation. The kit also comes with a tinted rear window, mounting frame, hydraulic system and wiring harness.

The system can be seen in action in the Rugged Ridge video below (complete with rock soundtrack).

For Jeep owners looking to shop around, Roadwire also offers a powered convertible top system.

Source: Rugged Ridge

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